The fire in Kemerovo: who is to blame?


Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

Media and social media users looking to blame for a fire in TTS “Winter cherry” in Volgograd, which killed at least 64 people. An official investigation has just begun, but already arrested four people in connection with a criminal case, which opened the Investigation Committee. In addition, users of social networks and the media have a claim to the staff of the centre, its management and owners, to the service of the emergencies Ministry and the head of the region Aman Tuleyev.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

Firefighters continue to extinguish the partially collapsed building of the shopping centre, “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo, and officially announced the number of victims continues to grow. 12:00 GMT the operational headquarters of the emergencies Ministry reported that killed 64 people, said TASS, the search continues.

According to the Investigative Committee, has arrived after 00:00 GMT on 26 March, the number of dead and missing exceeded 100 people. Due to the fact that information from official sources and public sites and TV channels have been inconsistent and stingy, people were looking for any details in social networks and did not believe the messages from the authorities.

Broken security system

Many witnesses on their pages in social networks and in comments to journalists, talked about the panic after the fire started. Telegram-channel Mash got through to one of the guards of the shopping center and has published an audio recording of a conversation with him.

At this point, the animators and the guests were preparing the tables. There was something said. Was exactly the spark I remember. I moved away to the racing the play area. I went to deal with young people who played without paying. I collected these ten boys and girls and kicked them out. As soon as they came out, I suddenly saw smoke coming from somewhere. I saved them the trip.

According to him, have not worked nor extinguishing system or alarm, continued to work the elevators.

Started having severe panic. But the elevators somehow it worked. The fire station do not work. There was no water, there was no alarm. Recently to us there came, checked everything. I know have the elevators shut down. But they worked, so everything is broken. Everyone screamed and fled. Then I went to save the children. I just grabbed them and dragged. Don’t know how much. Ten, fifteen, just go for a run until breathing was.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

Among the preliminary versions of three: arson, careless handling of fire and faulty wiring. In any case, victims could be much less if I worked security and all staff had properly performed their duties — write about it, many users in social networks.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

Of course, this is only a rumor. Practice to lock the doors leaving the entrance hall, among the cinema ushers are really common. Last year on the “Peekaboo”was published this photo.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

“There were then in the movie. The ticket collector was absent, and people here and there not running, put this “protection,” wrote the author of the image. Judging by the published screenshots and stories of relatives, the children were locked in one of the cinemas and could not leave through any door.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

As he wrote on instagram Anna Zarechneva, who with her husband and son were able to get out of another room, no one turned on a light, didn’t do ads, the second entrance was locked and the main entrance was open only one shutter doors.

In telegram channel LIFE SHOT published a video in which a witness named Alexander says: at first the guards did not let the people from the burning trade center, blocking the door on the way out.

Anyone who was there, do not give passage. Then just pressure them replaced, guards.

The management and owners

Meanwhile, in the criminal case, which opened the Investigation Committee, the first defendants. According to TASS, was arrested four people.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

The first of these was Hope Sedenak, General Director TTS “Winter cherry” (the media called her owner, but her son Denis on the page in the VC stated that Suddener not owned a business).

Just my mother was not the owner of the Mall, she bought him two years ago, she just worked there on the position of CEO. It was one of the CEOs, but someone conveniently started to translate everything for her. And by the way, hadn’t taken her in for questioning from the house. At the beginning of this hell she had a day off, but as soon as she found out everything just went down.

According The Bell, Nadine Addanac is the owner and General Director of OOO “Winter cherry — Kemerovo” whose address matches the address of the shopping center. Suddener in 2007 was elected to the district Council of deputies from “United Russia”.

According to the site Vse24, except it was detained the Deputy Director General for security and the Manager. About the fourth detainee it is reported nothing.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

The Deputy of the state Duma from the Kemerovo region Anton Gorelkin calls the real owner of the shopping center other human — Denis Shtengelov, owner of “KDV Groups” (known in the first place trade mark “Kirieshki”). That’s what Gorelkin writes about it on Facebook:

And the man who earned the “Winter cherry”, now in Australia, where he resides. This billionaire Denis Shtengelov, owner of “KDV Group”, the Russian confectionary king. The ownership structure of “the Winter cherries” is very complicated, a few legal pads, but built centre on his money, and he had to know what and how is built, as operated.

Check MOE

Gorelkin also reported that the TC is “Winter cherry” was put into operation in 2013, the acceptance certificate was signed by the Deputy mayor of Kemerovo, head of the Department of urban development (now this post is Dmitry Berezovsky). The main state inspector on fire supervision of the EMERCOM Rinat Enikeev explained TASS that the TC is “Winter cherry” was not checked fire control, as is the subject of small business in respect of which are regulatory holidays. According to the website of EMERCOM in Kemerovo region, the last audit was conducted in 2016. No violations were found.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

Member of “transparency international Russia” Dmitry Sukharev Twitter published the Declaration on incomes of the head of EMERCOM in Kemerovo oblast Alexander Mamontov.

Dmitry Sukharev

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

Nothing special. Just the head of the Main Department of EMERCOM in Kemerovo region at a salary of 1.6 million rides on the Prado and lives in the house with an area of 532 square meters. And you say — a shopping centre.

According to the Declaration, published on the Agency’s website, the total family income of Mammoth is 175 thousand rubles per month.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

In June 2017 the decree of the President of the Russian Federation head of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia across the Kemerovo region the General-the major of internal service Alexander Mamontov was awarded the medal of the Order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree.

Пожар в Кемерово: кто виноват?

Public “Lentech” published in VK video footage of the Mammoth, as well as Deputy chief of GU Ministry of emergency situations of the Kemerovo region Evgenie Dedyukhin and the mayor of Kemerovo Ilya Serdyuk myself to the relatives of the people that night had been missing.

The congregation accused the leadership of the emergency services and dereliction of duty.

The leadership of the region

On the morning of 26 March, the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev and the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov held a joint briefing before the Cabinet meeting. To the question about why the money has not arrived to the place of tragedy, he answered:

From the beginning, as it happened, I was headed, however, on leaving I could not, but there is a reason.

Puchkov added that he asked Tuleev to come, “not to interfere with people to perform professional duties in a zone of carrying out search and rescue operations.”

Then Tuleyev without any connection with the question to speak about the business.

I want to say: business — small, medium is sacred. There is a decision of the state on the support, the enormous efforts that the state created conditions for development of small and medium-sized businesses. Huge conditions. Unprecedented, I believe, even in the world unseen. Work, work and work. And administration of all it will support. […] But if the state does much for you, it must not be a one-way street.

Journalists and users of social networks it Tuleyev has caused confusion.



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