The financiers told what world currency will survive during the crisis


Финансисты рассказали, какие мировые валюты выстоят во время кризисаThe yen is considered the most reliable.

American financiers have called the most reliable world currency in case of crisis.

This is reported by the research experts of the largest financial holding company of America JP Morgan.

Their prediction is as follows: in the case of a new global financial crisis, such as the world has experienced not so long ago and maybe even more serious, will survive is not the Euro and yuan, and a total of four currencies — Singapore dollar, Japanese yen, Swiss franc and United States dollar.

The yen in this Quartet is considered the most reliable currency of Singapore is believed to be stable, but is the least attractive. But the American dollar, say JP Morgan, will not lose any reliability or status as the main currency for global financial transactions.


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