The financial crisis in Ukraine: “Kiev is on his knees to beg the IMF for money”


Финансовый кризис на Украине: "Киев на коленях будет умолять МВФ о деньгах"

The situation with filling of the state budget and funds in a single account of the State Treasury service still sad

Ukrainian experts and politicians continue to discuss the critical situation with the state budget and minimum balances on the Treasury account, the correspondent of IA REGNUM today, August 10.

We will remind, according to official data, the balance on the single account of the State Treasury service of Ukraine of August 1, 2018, amounted to a total of 1,995 billion UAH, which is the lowest reading since January 2014. According to the Agency, the current balance is five times lower than at the beginning of July and three times lower than at the beginning of this year.

The deficit of the state budget of Ukraine for the first half of 2018 amounted to 9.8 billion UAH, while in 2017 this period the state budget was executed with a surplus of 29 billion UAH.

To save the situation, the national Bank of Ukraine urgently finally settled all the liabilities to the state budget of Ukraine, listing the full amount of the profit for the year 2017 is 44.6 billion.

Usually this process (payment of the profit of the national Bank) lasted an entire year and ended in late autumn, notes in his commentary economic expert Alexei Kusch. But “normally” in Ukraine and payment of pensions are not detained, adds the expert.

“Here are some insights: the situation with the budget and the balance of the Treasury account do not sweet. Nobody thinks about the fall — if only the summer to survive, and there on his knees to beg the IMF to allocate two billion, without which the economy runs the risk to fly during the Haidamaks”, — predicts Kush.

Note that after a telephone conversation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on 8 August, the number of Ukrainian media reported that the next tranche of the IMF fundamentally agreed upon and will be supplied to Ukraine in September 2018. While the specifics — for example, the amount of the tranche, or the exact date of his arrival is not reported.




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