The FCO told how the grandson of a member of the CEC in four years bought an apartment for ₽500 million


ФБК рассказал, как внук члена ЦИК в четыре года купил квартиру за ₽500 млн

The lawyer of the Fund of struggle against corruption Love Sable has released a video in which he said that the grandson of a member of the Central election Commission, ex-President of Karachay-Cherkess Republic Boris Ebzeev at the age of four years (about 9 years ago. — Approx. Sign) bought a two-story apartment in the elite club house in the Ostozhenka in Moscow. According to the FCO, the market value of the apartment is 500 million rubles.

“I emphasize that 4-year-old Arthur Ebzeeva gave this apartment, he bought it, signed the contract of sale,” — says in the video Love Sable. According to her, when Arthur Ebzeev was 7 years old, he “made a deal with the offshore company in the British virgin Islands and sold the apartment,” and “the week before he invested a few hundred million rubles in the building on the ruble, in the village of Gorki-8”.

According to the FCO, at a time when young Arthur when it comes to buy an apartment in Ostozhenka, his grandfather Boris Ebzeev was the head of the KCHR, and an assistant to Boris ebzeeva were Rauf Arashukov, now arrested on the case of custom-made murders and the creation of the OPS. Father Arthur ebzeeva — Boris Ebzeev, Jr., nine years ago, he worked in the Pension Fund of Russia.

In a press-service of the Central election Commission failed to promptly comment on this information, asking to send a formal request on the letterhead of the publisher.


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