The fate of the missing pilot Amelia Earhart finally revealed – experts


Судьба пропавшей летчицы Амелии Эрхарт наконец раскрыта, - экспертыRecent studies show that the found remains with a probability of 99% hers.

Anthropologist Richard Jantz said that the human remains that were discovered in 1940 on a desert island, with a probability of 99% is owned by the famous aviatrix Amelia Earhart. The findings of the scientist were published in the journal of Forensic Anthropology.

Earhart — first woman to make a transatlantic flight disappeared in 1937 during a round-the-world flight. In 1940 on a desert island Nickumaroro were found the remains, which experts considered masculine. It was assumed that they belong to Earhart Navigator Fred nunno.

However, Ganz sure that then the researchers made a mistake. In the new study, he re-studied the bones and compared them with data on height and weight Earhart. In addition, the anthropologist studied photos of the pilots and her clothes in order to better know its parameters.

After that, the skeleton Earhart compared with options 2, 7 thousand people, selected at random. In 99% of cases found on the island of bones, probably belonged to the missing pilot than others.

“Not yet brought final proof that it is not her remains, the most convincing argument remains that these are the remains of Amelia Earhart” — said Ganz.


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