The Farsight Institute: In August the world will be 5 disasters. The first will be a column of smoke over the destroyed metropolis


The Farsight Institute: В августе в мире будет 5 катастроф. Первой станет столб дыма над разрушенным мегаполисом

The Farsight Institute – a group of sensitives involved in the so-called remote viewing (Remote viewing). This is a specific mental technique, which allows people with a certain gift to observe these or other events that are physically closed from the observer – walls, distance or even time.

Occasionally The Farsight Institute post on my channel forecast for the beginning of the month, if the telepaths can see this month is something important. Their predictions are never absolute, but the General gist of future events The Farsight Institute is definitely a catch, and some of the scenarios generally fall into one point, the compliance is almost 100%.

July 31, The Farsight Institute have posted their new video for August, which we offer to our readers.


In General terms, the enumerated events depicted:

1.A huge earthquake or explosion in one of the cities of the USA. Destroyed buildings and roads on the entire field of view. Giant plumes of dust and smoke. Falling from the sky planes. Near surface of the water and the mountain peaks.

2.Mass clashes with police in a very hot country. Universal chaos. Dark-skinned people cry for something to fight. Perhaps the middle East, but rather South or Central America – is very often heard Spanish.

3.Extreme event in the Ocean. A large cruise ship. Latin accent on the decks. It looks like there is a holiday. Suddenly all the passengers something terrifying. Very fast, heavy waves, very aggressive, dark skies.

4.Great city, visited by crowds of people. Most on the streets of European appearance. Like a public holiday and some ceremony. Suddenly comes the news reporters blow a big important building. The building and infrastructure is destroyed. People have very emotional reactions to the event. They say that it is destructive to people’s lives and business.

5.A large ship suffering disaster on the sea. A lot of helicopters. The people rescued.

6.A jet fires a missile into the buildings. There is a large crater. Burns a lot of dead bodies.


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