The famous model said, she is in love with girl


It all happened by chance.

As if Kara and Ashley or their relationship secret, and gradually the secrets of history are disclosed. This time Kara spoke about the first stage of their history, about love, reports the with reference to

“We were not looking for anyone. It was the most natural!”

The girls first met when both participated in the filming of the movie “Her smell” in 2018. Later, they posted a joint photo in instagram, and Kara called Ashley “my girlfriend” when I first spoke about it in his article.

Kara noted that it was not a Fluke, because they have grown up. “I never wanted to feel something different, I did not think that this is wrong, because since childhood I knew who I was” – hinted girl on their orientation.

Kara spoke touching words addressed to his girlfriend: “She’s one of those people who helped me to love myself in those moments when I needed it most. She showed me that there is true love and how to receive it, which is a lot harder than I thought. I love you!”


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