The famous actress came out in a disastrous outfit


Chloe Moretz surprised the audience with strange choice of dress.

Not long ago, the American actress said that regret parting with a former boyfriend. However, it seems that the famous blonde is going to return the beloved. Indeed, in recent years Chloe Moretz increasingly visited London, where not long ago moved to Brooklyn Beckham.

Yesterday, according to the star of the film “the Great equalizer” attended the premiere of the new tape. However, 21-year-old blonde was unable to make a splash of their own outfit. Chloe’s outfit was recognized as one of the most unsuccessful. It is no secret that Moretz has narrow hips and massive shoulders. The star of the television screens focused on the problem areas.

Famous blonde posing in black sandals high heels and MIDI length dress with a black hem and a beige sleeves, decorated with tiger print. Fans noted that Moretz visually enlarge the shoulders and voluminous arms and narrowed hips.

It is noteworthy that ever since Chloe broke up with lover, the young blonde put on a few extra pounds. However, the actress is in no hurry to get rid of puffy shapes. While witnesses repeatedly noticed the star of movies with burgers and other carbohydrate products.

At the same time, it seems that Brooklyn doesn’t miss ex-fiancee. Heir of the famous British football continues to travel with the family. Now the son of a British athlete is resting with his parents in Bali and Goa, and also learns how to control his new car.

Despite the fact that the heir to a multimillion-dollar state dropped out of University after my first year of teaching, recently, the brunette is considering a career as a fashion designer. In this earlier Brooklyn tried to comprehend the art of photography, however, after the failure of a debut exhibition did not attend University.


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