The famous actor became the fourth member of the “Dancing with the stars”


The actor challenged his colleague.

It became known that the fourth member of the new season of the project “Dances with stars z” will be a Ukrainian actor Taras Tsymbalyuk. About it it is reported on his page on Instagram, reports the with reference for Today.

Taras took #танціззіркамиchallenge from Santa Dimopoulos and challenged his colleague, actress Daria Petrozhitskiy published a video message to the subscribers.

“Friends, I have good news, I will take part in the project “Dances with stars z”. I accept #танціззіркамиchallenge Santa Dimopulos and give it to Daria Petrazycki. See you on the dance floor”, signed movie Taras.

“Now no matter who will be involved, if there is Taras, women’s hearts are conquered. Winnick is crying”, “Mishin will support,” “God cheers,” “Best season”, “we Will watch the dance for you and cheering for you,” – responded to the news fans of the Tsymbalyuk.

Note that the new season of the show, viewers will see this fall. The judges on the project were Catherine Kuhar, Vladislav Yama and Gregory Chapkis.

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Friends, may the miracle novena — I vsemu the fate of project “DANCES with stars Z” ? I primal #танціззіркамиchallenge from @santadimopulos I give @petrozhitskaya !✨ To sustrs on market??? @tanci1plus1 @1plus1_ua

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