The Falcon 9 rocket put into orbit satellites 60


Not managed to catch two of the fairing and the first stage.

Special us courts on Monday failed to catch in the surface network both reusable sash of the head fairing of the Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX, reported the with reference to Country.

After their separation from launched into orbit rocket they fell into the Atlantic. Meanwhile, they are afloat, and rescue ships will be able to tow them to shore.

Reuse of fairing saves SpaceX up to $6 million when it launches its missiles.

As reported, heavy carrier rocket Falcon 9 on Monday successfully launched into orbit with a new group of 60 mini-satellites, designed to further the deployment of the global Internet-coating system, Starlink.

About 45 minutes after the rocket launch two special marine vessel — Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief in the Atlantic was to “catch” on the surface network both leaves of the cone head part of the rocket, which descended by parachute.


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