The Falcon 9 has sent a Dragon Cargo into orbit


Two days later the Cargo Dragon dock with the ISS.

In the US, the carrier rocket Falcon 9 on Saturday, March 7, brought into Earth orbit, the cargo spacecraft Dragon Cargo of the American company SpaceX, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Crew Dragon separated from the second stage of the launch vehicle, the Falcon 9 began independent flight. Then it opened up the solar panels, which began to supply the ship with energy.

Two days later, on March 9, Cargo Dragon will dock with the International space station (ISS).

It’s been 20 on account of the launch of the “truck” Cargo Dragon to the ISS under a commercial contract between NASA and SpaceX company was carried out from launch complex 40 at the air base at Cape Canaveral in Florida on Friday at 23:50 on the East coast of the United States.

This is the third flight of this reusable “truck” to the MSC. According to the company SpaceX, the ship had already twice visited the space in February 2017 and December 2018.

It needs to deliver to the ISS more than two tons of food, equipment and materials to carry out dozens of scientific experiments the crew of the station.

Among other things, the ship in the unpressurized compartment will deliver to the ISS platform Bartolomeo European space Agency. The platform will be installed on the European Columbus module on the outside of the station. It is equipped with 12 compartments of a payload to embed a commercial research equipment. Europlatform will allow public and private organizations to quickly and cost-effectively conduct research in space. Live loads will not require service members of the ISS crew.

Currently, Dragon is the only Cargo spacecraft to supply the ISS that can return cargo to Earth.


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