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If you ask the average person: “do you think the rich should pay more tax than the poor?” “Sure, of course, no doubt! immediately he was filled with high civic enthusiasm. – It’s time to get to fork out these money-bags”. And suddenly, “bags” was the most simple man. Not in the sense that rich, in the sense that you have to pay.

The real estate tax.

Not symbolic, fictional evaluation, as with the inventory, i.e. almost market price. Talking about it was conducted for several years, but you never know what talking the talk. And then it happened.

Full tax will be charged only in 2020, and is given time to adjust. From one newspaper to another walk examples: “for Example, the tax on the capital one-room “Khrushchev” площадью30 sq m(вычетом20 sq. m., which are not taxed) near the metro station “Youth” will grow by 2020 567,61 ruble to RUB 2838,05 And tax on the three-room “Stalinka” площадью71 sq m(вычетом20 sq. m.) near the metro station “Frunzenskaya” will grow from 9256,36 46281,78 ruble to ruble.”

Lifted Butch up to a petition to the President: abolish the tax!

But it seems to me that the property tax is the most simple and fair. If we really want to force the rich to pay more than the poor.

This tax has a remarkable property – it is difficult to hide the ends in water. Income tax – who knows how much you earned, and the house here he is showing off. That is the thing that should be taxed.

I would have even moved the high tax burden on the estate: it is clear, visible, not ephemeral.

The rulers of former times tried to bind in taxation to something prominent, tangible. For example, was in Europe in the old days the tax on chimneys: the more chimneys – a resident is richer, and the poor – well, frostbitten.

In real estate, by the way, is built-in and the luxury tax, the need for which is also from time to time there are conversations. House, housing – that’s the surest indicator of human well-being. Can someone throw dust in the eyes, even the car to buy a more expensive the level that you put in your income. But the house is not built. And the apartment for three million dollars in the center of Moscow will not do. Home expresses your true level, the house is not lying.

What’s important here? It is important that the tax levied with the property is not given to whom it is issued, who it is registered, etc., otherwise the proper action will leave in the sand. There is a object you pay. Who should pay? And whoever in this object is interested. There are no such? The house of nobody? To pick up the state income. The game needs to go seriously.

Why do I say this? A huge amount of expensive real estate not decorated at all (in the countryside), or are God knows who. The poor old woman, veterancy, the pensioner-the invalid.

In Moscow and in big cities – a lot of investment property. It’s time to get your Affairs in order: I do not need to sell, you need to use. The turnover will be introduced an enormous amount of real estate. How much? Realtors say that in the Moscow new buildings about a quarter of flats – investment. Of course, housing prices will fall as investors battened down. The social effect is obvious. Developers, however, salty will have.

Our special concern is justice. How so: the poor inhabitants of prestigious areas will be forced to leave my apartment!

And what’s unfair? What is unfair in life on drugs? Why is no surprise that the same old can not afford a sable coat or black caviar for Breakfast? Why should she live in an expensive apartment? Smarter to sell it and buy in the cheaper area, and even repair enough.

It is likely that many residents in such circumstances simply do not want to have apartment in the property. Sell and be done with it. Formed the market for rental housing. He is now there, but today rented apartments – this is something accidental, temporary, vague. But it was in Russia and in many countries of the world at home, specially built for rent apartments. In modern European cities in rented apartments people live – and not poverty, and they just so convenient. They can always change the place of residence depending on work, family composition.

And, I believe, will form a true understanding of ownership. We have today the property is understood as pleasure and a privilege, but it is a burden and responsibility. This understanding today, no. Therefore appeal to the President: fix the ceiling in my own apartment.

And again. When we are in America, they invariably envious admire the life in the local suburbs: neat, no fences to heaven, everything is tidied, live people! A puzzle, there is no. The real estate tax in the United States starts from 1.5 per cent of the cost of ownership. Him and contain local infrastructure. Residents strictly obliged to keep in order your house, paint, repair, etc can find some cheaper housing.


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