The experts recognized that coffee promotes longevity


Myths about the dangers of drink have not been confirmed.

Although the caffeine in this drink, provokes a debate about its health benefits, drink coffee, and above all, useful, and not harmful, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

A new study by scientists from Colorado University have shown that coffee consumption reduces the risk of stroke and heart failure, and many of its antioxidants covers some of the risk factors.

Drinking coffee reduces the possibility of stroke by 8%, heart failure by 7%, said the researchers, initially aims to study the degree of the effect of drink on cardiovascular health. In an ongoing analysis of their data were taken into account three major scientific papers, which dealt with the correlation between coffee consumption and cardiovascular system in humans. As a result, scientists said, they’ve got significant arguments about the usefulness of coffee for the heart, brain and blood vessels.

“The link between coffee drinking and reduced risk of development of heart failure and stroke was consistently noted in all three studies,” said lead author of the project Dr. Laura Stevens.

Stevens added that the study experts found facts that resonated with the findings of earlier trials that coffee has the potential to prevent cancer, protect against headaches and weight gain.

These qualities certainly make coffee the drink of longevity, experts believe.


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