The experts identified the most desirable smartphone in the world


Эксперты определили самый желанный смартфон в миреThe leader of the rating became Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Portal phoneArena has carried out a survey among the users and its results ranked the most desirable smartphones of the second half of this year. It turned out that consumers are more interested in smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung, while the new iPhone X is not included even in the top three rankings.

So, the first place, according to the survey, users gave the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The majority of respondents believe the smartphone is the personification of the flagship smartphone. A device like buyers with broad functionality and innovative design. Separately, the respondents rated the camera Galaxy Note 8, which until recently was called the best on the market.

Эксперты определили самый желанный смартфон в мире

In second place, according to estimates of the users were gadget LG V30. More than 20% of respondents voted for this gadget due to its functionality and hardware content. Third place was given Pixel 2 XL from Google. For this device has been voted by 13% of respondents.

Эксперты определили самый желанный смартфон в мире

But iPhone X from famous brands Apple, despite universal admiration, was not included even in the top three ranked fourth. For this device voted less than 13% of respondents who are willing to buy it. Many users left comments about the price of iPhone X, which probably scares off buyers, even though the functionality of a smartphone.


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