The experts assessed the capacity of the DPRK tested a nuclear bomb


Эксперты оценили мощность испытанной КНДР ядерной бомбыA sharp jump in the power of the explosions at nuclear testing in North Korea has led to numerous landslides and collapses of rock.

In early September, North Korea tested a nuclear bomb, whose power of TNT is about a quarter of a megaton. Such calculations made by the experts on the North Korean nuclear program from the Johns Hopkins University.

After analyzing the seismic station in Sittwe after the explosion at the site of Pungere, analysts concluded that the strength of an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 could provide a nuclear bomb equivalent to 250 kilotons of TNT. About force of explosion, experts say, can be seen in numerous landslides and collapses on the ground and on the strengthening of drainage in the result of the cracking of the rocks in the place of detonation.

Information on variations in the earth’s crust is transferred to the analysts, in agreement with the Organization of the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests.

Pyongyang said earlier that 3 September was tested the “classic” nuclear bomb, a hydrogen (thermonuclear). Traces of radioactive xenon-133 detected after a few days in South Korea.


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