The expert told how to recognize the beginning of alcohol dependence


Often people until recently did not recognize their addiction.

The expert of the psychosocial counseling center of addicted in Frankfurt Michael Roth convinced that alcohol addiction often develops slowly, reports the with a link to Happy News.

Initially, people drink only in company, enjoys the looseness and good humor, which gives the alcohol.

However, over time the alcohol permeates into other areas of life, people trying to drown out the anxiety and fears.

So the first alarm bell is the inability to give up booze.

For example, the individual begins to feel ill without alcohol and suffering from abstinence.

Threat the level of risk of alcohol dependence is when women daily consume more than 20 g of pure alcohol, this figure is equivalent to 0.5 liters of beer, and men more than 30/40 grams per day.

The higher the dose, the greater the risk or the aggravation of the disease, daily use of alcohol is more than 40 g of ethanol in women and 60 grams for men.

In addition, there are transitional stages between other, for example: physical and psychological dependence.

Moreover, the physical – not the ability to stop after the next glass, and psychological – irrepressible need to lighten the mood or to relieve stress through alcohol drinks.

In General, the physician identified 5 stages that say about developing alcohol dependence:

  • you drink every day, even in solitude;
  • you can’t control the number of drinking glasses;
  • you are very hard not to drink;
  • if you on a regular basis face problems at home and at work related to alcohol;
  • always trying to justify the use of alcohol, before themselves and before others.


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