The expert compared the US strike on Syria with spittle during a fight


Эксперт сравнил удар США по Сирии с брызгами слюны во время драки

In the night from 13 on 14 APR Donald trump has hit Syria due to the terrorists ‘ provocations in the Duma, without waiting for the results of the investigation of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons.

To the United States joined France and great Britain. The US air force and UK hit from the air space of Cyprus and Syria in the area of Et-Tapa, additionally they shoot the ships of the U.S. Navy from the waters of the red sea.

The old Soviet Syrian air defense shot down 71 of 103 missiles. Managed to fly the rocket hit the airfields, where in advance have removed the planes and at the research center Jamra in Damascus, whose staff was evacuated. Destruction is insignificant. A shame for the us military phenomenally deafening.

The Pentagon warned in advance of the Russian military on the ground, planned to strike. Threat to Russians in Syria has emerged since the s-400 covered Mamimi and base in Tartus. If even a minimal threat for citizens of Russia occurred, the Americans immediately would have flown the Russian otvetka.

Military expert and political analyst Pyotr Krasnov says the American shot imitation of “punishment”. Russia will not allow Western military to enter the airspace of the ATS, the Syrian equipment was not damaged, the destruction is minimal. “A US strike on Syria has been ineffective as “the splashing of saliva during the fight,” – said Krasnov.

The US, Britain and France tried to punish Damascus for the terrorist provocation in the Duma, instead of disgraced. France didn’t even fire on Syria, putting his allies fake video proof. Makron?

The bombardment did not give any results to the aggressors. Assad came to work today like any other day. Commanders of Syrian airfields, looking at an example of a Macron, give written off as damaged in the shelling. They hope to get a new one in return.

Of concern is the attack on civilian targets in Damascus. Experts point out that such actions of Britain and France for stupidity may provoke a new wave of migration to Europe. In General, this was shameful for the West attack, which really hurt the reputation of the involved countries.


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