The existence of such plants is difficult to believe. Photo


В существование таких растений сложно поверить. ФотоIn a world of many unusual.

The plants appear to us as something green and boring. But it is nothing like pure prejudice – the plants on this list are ready to compete in variety and uniqueness with the animal world, they only need to give a chance.

15. Rainbow trees

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Imagine a walk through a forest of 60-foot trees of all colors of the rainbow. I think this is only possible in a fairy-tale movie? And here and there – Eucalyptus deglupta or rainbow eucalyptus is actually exists and is found in the forests of the Philippines. These trees grow so fast that bark peels off them in strips, revealing a bright green layer, which aging changes color to yellow, orange, red, purple and brown.

14. Seed pods of snapdragons

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Snapdragon is widely used by botanists as a model in many genetic studies. For example, Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin used snapdragons for the study of heredity. A distinctive feature of the plant – its seed pods, each of which is similar to the screaming skull.

13. Jabuticaba

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Jabuticaba is a fruit tree with unique formation of their fruits. Unlike most trees, whose fruits grow on the branches, their black forms of jaboticaba fruits right on the trunk. Looks like they’re oozing from the bark. Although the fruit jaboticaba popular in Brazil, due to low shelf life, they rarely get to other places. The fruit can be consumed fresh, as well as in the form of jam, wine or liqueur.

12. Putrid Lily

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Rafflesia arnoldii, or as it is popularly called, corpse Lily is the largest flower on the planet. And one of the most smelly. This plant is a parasite with no leaves or roots, so that it survives at the expense of the host plant. The flower grows from the bark of the host and can reach a meter in diameter. The petals don’t just look like rotting flesh, but it smells the same.

11. Amorphophallus titanum

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

This flower is the tallest in the world – it can reach a height of three meters. Yellow corn cob in the centre contains small white flowers. As soon as they are ready to spread pollen, the spathe begins to produce heat, which helps to spread a fetid smell, resembling the smell of a decaying corpse. As in the case of the Lily of the putrid smell attracts flies, which do the pollination.

10. Elephant yams

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Tionality the konjac, or elephant Yam, is a close relative of Amorphophallus titanum. Previously, the only way to distinguish between different types in this group was to sniff them out and find out what kind of stench they exude. The tubers, which gave the plant the name “yams” are the third most popular source of carbohydrate in Indonesia after rice and corn. And the word “Amorphophallus” in the name refers to the shape of a flower – it literally translates to “shapeless penis”.

9. The tolstonozhkovaya

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

The tolstonozhkovaya also wears a cheerful name of “doll eyes”. Obviously, the eerie “eyes” are poisonous. Only a handful of these berries can cause instant death. Of course, only the desperate, the brave can venture to eat the berries, which look at him…

8. Bitter cucumber

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

CHARANTIA MOMORDICA or bitter cucumber is a herbaceous vine growing around the world. Its fruits, blank inside, have a warty surface. Usually eaten when they are still green, because as they Mature the yellow the fruit becomes more bitter. However, when fully ripe the fruit opens, inside you can find sweet bright red heart.

7. Naked man

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Orchis italica, which is also called Orchid “the Naked man”, can be found almost everywhere in the Mediterranean region. They are very popular among Orchid lovers because… well, at least because the petals like naked men that are not clear. The plant about 40 varieties so you can choose the naked man in almost any color and size.

6. Predatory Kuvshinnikov

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Animals eat the plants. This is the natural order of things. However, some plants go against the system and respond blow for blow. The Kuvshinnikov trap insects, spiders and even small mammals and reptiles, and then drown them. Their modified leaves to keep the fluid that contains digestive enzymes and chemicals. Once the victim hits the pitcher, it slips down waxed slippery walls that don’t allow her to get out. After unsuccessful attempts to get out of the victim immersed in the liquid, drowns, and the plant digests it to provide itself with nutrients that are not in the soil.

5. Flowering stones

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Of course, you know that flowering stones do not exist in nature. But it is their amazing and resemble plants of the genus Lithops. They can be found in rocky and sandy deserts of South Africa. The plants are adapted to outwardly resemble the surrounding stones. This form allows them to survive in regions with low rainfall, as the small surface area slows down the evaporation. Lithops popular house plants, and often sell them as “living stones”.

4. Hydnora African

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

To grow your own leaves – it’s so primitive and boring. African hydnora above. It is parasitic on other plant and mostly hides under the ground, leaving only the surface of the flower. The bulb of the flower POPs out from the ground, when it comes to breeding, and reveals, showing red flesh. First flower opened just a little, enough to be able to fly bees. After that he keeps bees in his captivity for a few days and let go only when they are completely covered with pollen.

3. Sequoia albino

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Ask the child to draw a tree and you will get a brown trunk and green leaves. Everyone knows that trees are green. Everything except the Sequoia albino. These trees are unable to produce chlorophyll, and without chlorophyll they can’t absorb sunlight and produce its own nutrients. For other trees it would be a death sentence, but the redwoods have the ability to share the roots among themselves. When Sequoia albino grows, it needs to attach to the root system of another tree in order to extract food.

2. Red tumbleweed

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Bassia broomcorn grows in Eurasia, but somehow got to the USA, where he earned the nickname “Mexican fire weed” or the more prosaic “garasic Bush”. Usually tumbleweed after the death become yellow or brown, but Basia becomes a bright shade of red. The whole field of Bessie can be found in Japan, where their black seeds are called “caviar of the earth.”

1. Plant a kiss

В существование таких растений сложно поверить. Фото

Psychotria sublime known by the unflattering name “sons of whores lips.” One look at the flower is sufficient to understand the origin of this name. The plant is found in the jungles of Central America, but despite the seductive appearance, it is slowly becoming endangered because of loss of habitat. These lips would be perfect to rival Batman and poison Ivy. Especially when you consider that the flower produces a hallucinogenic substance. Oddly enough, “sponge” is not the flower of the plant. The flower POPs out from the “mouth”, the whole covered with yellow thick mucus. As they say, beauty on the surface…


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