The ex-soloist “VIA Gry” posted a candid beach photo


The singer took a selfie on the beach and shared a picture on Instagram.

Large Anna Sedokova has repeatedly put his body on display, but today it has surpassed the expectations of its own fans.

The singer was photographed lying on the sand, a striking swimsuit with a deep neckline that emphasized her ample bosom.

Signed Anna your photo: “And why I don’t like just) it is possible to travel for three hours to the airport, there are two hours to go through all the controls, quietly with a glass of wine to drink, and I have all the time in the minute before the check is impossible to arrive. Now it is not the fact that someone will fly away. But it was bought”.

Per hour a new picture Sedokova has collected more than 50 thousand likes and, apparently, this is only the beginning.


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