The European Union presented a plan for the abolition of daylight saving time


Евросоюз представил план отмены перехода на летнее время Clock stops to transfer next year.

The European Commission Wednesday, September 12, presented the plan of the European Union from the seasonal transfer hours. The Commission proposes that the EU abandon time changes in 2019.

According to the proposals of the EC, daylight savings time will be abolished across the EU. However, the Commission allows member countries the freedom to decide what time they want to live – summer or winter.

The European Commission wants the neighbouring country took the decision coordinated in order to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market and to avoid a situation where some member States will decide to keep the clock, and others will refuse from this practice.

To ensure a smooth transition, the Commission gives the member States time until April 2019 up to that date, they need to decide winter or summer time, they plan to use.

The latest must-DST in the European Union will be held on Sunday, 31 March 2019. After that, member States who want to permanently switch back to winter time, you will be able to do it one last time on Sunday 27 October 2019.

After this date, in the EU the seasonal transfer of hours will be cancelled.

The proposal of the European Commission should coordinate the European Parliament and the EU Council.

The EU decided to cancel the daylight saving and winter time after the survey in which citizens of the European Union supported this idea. More than 80% of respondents called for the abolition of the transfer clock. In the online survey in EU history, was attended by about 4.6 million people.


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