The European Union may cancel the daylight saving time


Евросоюз может отменить переход на летнее время The main reason is the negative impact on human health.

The European Commission will consider the request of the European Parliament to carefully assess the feasibility of the DST. As the correspondent UNIAN in Brussels, on Friday at the briefing said the press-Secretary of the European Commission Mina Andreeva, commenting on the voting of the relevant resolution in the European Parliament.

“The Commission is open in order to better assess the question of daylight saving time, based on all available evidence, therefore, also welcome the contribution of the European Parliament, member States and national parliaments. I also want to remind you that we have a good regulatory policy, we regularly check compliance with EU legislation. Do not have immunity to such a test and guidelines for the summer time,” she said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the European Parliament on 8 February supported a resolution calling on the European Commission “to conduct a thorough assessment of Directive 2000/84/EC on summer time and, if necessary, to propose revision”. The main reason for cancellation of the decision about the summer time is a negative impact of this transition on people’s health.

For the first time in history go to daylight saving time started in 1908 in the UK. This was done to save power. Now the daylight saving time operates in more than 100 countries, in other States the clock is not transferred.


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