The European Union issued an ultimatum to Switzerland


Евросоюз выдвинул ультиматум ШвейцарииWe are talking about replacing hundreds of agreements to one agreement.

The European Commission will offer the Swiss stock exchange a two-year continuation of their right of access to the single market if the Swiss government will approve the General agreement on future relations with the bloc on Friday, December 7.

This is reported by sources in the EU, writes Reuters.

However, if Switzerland did not support the draft agreement, the European Commission will not continue the recognition of the Swiss exchanges in 2019, according to sources in Brussels after a meeting of EU diplomats on Wednesday.

It is expected that the Swiss government on Friday will decide whether to support the draft agreement of upcoming bilateral ties with the EU.

“It’s time for agreement. Game time will not change anything. The project will no longer be changed,” said the EU official.

Note, Tuesday the official Bern announced that it intends to complete consultations with the European Union on a new contract in 2019.

The relationship between the EU and Switzerland are governed by the approximately 100 bilateral agreements, which Brussels wants to replace one contract. The agreement, which would be more closely linked neutral country with its largest trade partner, was to be signed at the beginning of the year, but the Swiss authorities said that the Treaty could undermine high salaries and working conditions in the country. The project, Switzerland will automatically adjust its rules of migration and social welfare to EU legislation.


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