The European Parliament agreed on a new sanctions regime for violations of human rights


Европарламент согласовал новый режим санкций за нарушения прав человекаThe new regime want to be named after Magnitsky.

The European Parliament on Thursday, March 14 adopted a resolution calling for new sanctions to punish state and non-state actors, responsible for grave violations of human rights.
In the resolution the European Parliament calls for the establishment of a new regime of sanctions at EU level for freezing of assets and ban on issuing visas to persons involved in serious violations of human rights.

This list should include state and non-state actors that have contributed physically, financially or through acts of systemic corruption, such abuses and crimes around the world.

Members of the European Parliament declare that the decision on the list and exclusion of persons involved in such actions should be based on clear, transparent and specific conditions directly related to the crime, in order to guarantee a thorough judicial review.

They also urge the EU to establish a mechanism for the imposition of sanctions and European supervision, because in recent months there have been cases when European companies and countries had violated EU sanctions.

The new sanctions regime would strengthen the EU’s role as a global player in the field of human rights and should symbolically bear the name of Sergei Magnitsky, say MPs.


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