The European Commission has criticized Donald Tusk


Еврокомиссия раскритиковала Дональда ТускаThe reason for the criticism was the proposal to abolish quotas on migrants.

Tusk, in his speech on the eve of the summit of EU leaders said that mandatory quotas proposed by the European Commission in the framework of the reform of the asylum system, “proved ineffective” and created confrontation among EU countries.

European Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said the statement Tusk is anti-European.

“This statement denies, ignores all the work that we have undertaken over the last three years,” said Avramopoulos.

He noted that the document also undermines Tusk “one of the main pillars of the European project – the principle of solidarity”.

Such Frank statements from Brussels are rare, especially a few days before the EU summit.

In October, Tusk has made similar statements, saying that mandatory quotas “has no future”, given the clear resistance of the “Visegrad group” – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

We will remind, the European Commission decided to refer to the ECJ complaints against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland because of the failure of these countries legal obligations on the movement of migrants.

Hungary is not involved in the scheme move from the very beginning, Poland has not moved a single migrant from December 2015, the Czech Republic is not involved in the scheme since August 2016 and would not take new commitments.


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