The EU will significantly cut financial aid to Turkey


ЕС существенно сократит финансовую помощь ТурцииPublished the EU budget for the next year.

The European Union has decided to reduce financial assistance to Turkey, which is paid in the framework of support for candidate members of the EU.

Thus, MEPs during the discussion of the budget plan for 2018 on Saturday, November 18, decided to reduce the amount of financial aid Ankara on 105 million euros compared to the first draft budget, which was drawn up by the European Commission. At the same time, the EU allows Turkey to 70 million euros, provided that the country will progress in the compliance of Ankara, the rule of law.

As the newspaper notes, the budget for next year was agreed at the meeting of the EU Council on 18 November and includes the expenses of 144.7 billion euros, 10 billion more than the year before.

The draft budget must be approved within 14 days the European Parliament and the EU Council.


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