The EU intends to annually invest billions in the development of artificial intelligence


Евросоюз намерен ежегодно инвестировать миллиарды в развитие искусственного интеллектаThe Commission considers artificial intelligence as a factor of rapid economic and social development

The European Commission presented a detailed plan for the development of artificial intelligence, which should speed up the implementation of the EU strategy for the development and application of AI.

The plan includes four main directions of increase of efficiency of cooperation of the European Commission in different EU countries and also Norway and Switzerland. These include the increased investment in the sector, the increase in the volume of the used information, promote talent development and improve the level of mutual trust, including the imposition of ethical norms on the possible applications of artificial intelligence. These activities are particularly relevant for Europe, which seeks to maintain the position of innovation leader in the conditions of tough international competition which is constantly growing.

“We agreed to work together in integrating the databases – and that’s exactly what “raw material” you are working with artificial intelligence in many sectors, such as health care, improve the system of cancer diagnosis and treatment. We will coordinate investments in this sector. Our goal is to reach at least € 20 billion of private investment and public funds until 2020. It is very important for economic growth and creating new jobs. This is not a whim but a requirement of the future”, – said on this occasion, the Vice-President of the European Commission for digital single market Andrus Ansip.

The Commission considers artificial intelligence as a factor of rapid economic and social development, which in effect can be compared with the invention of electricity and its impact on the fate of all mankind.

On this basis, the Commission proposes to amend the educational system to prepare qualified specialists in the field of artificial intelligence, and also to involve foreign specialists, creating favorable conditions for their work and research in EU countries.

Certain provisions of the plan regarding artificial intelligence relate to the ethical norms and rules.

“In order to achieve trust, which requires that the company took and used artificial intelligence, coordinated plan provides for the development of technologies that have been developed on the basis of respect for fundamental rights and ethical standards. European experts and representatives of civil society develop ethical rules for the first version which will be released before the end of 2018. The final version of these rules should be approved in March of 2019”, – stated in the message of the European Commission.


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