The EU calculates losses from sanctions and encourages to invest in Russia


ЕС подсчитывает убытки от санкций и призывает инвестировать в Россию

On 24 January, the TV channel “Russia 24” has published a story with a striking headline: “anti-Russian sanctions: EU calculates losses”. The story says about the round table in the European Parliament on Russia. It Europeans allegedly abused US and called to invest in Russia, “otherwise it will be too late.”
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The TV channel reported that the meeting, which also discussed the investment attractiveness of the Crimea, until recently, kept secret (why – employees VGTRK does not explain), “invitations to members of the European Parliament sent out personally.” That’s just them, no one seems to have responded: in the story mentions only two people, neither of whom is a member of the European Parliament. The first Deputy of the Belgian Parliament from people party Aldo Carcaci previously tried to push through the House of representatives a recommendation on the lifting of sanctions against Russia (Izvestia, TASS and other Pro-Kremlin media have fed the news as “the Belgian Parliament will consider a resolution on cancellation of sanctions against Russia”). The second Chairman of the regional Council of the region Venezia Roberto Ciabatti. In 2016-2017, he twice visited the Crimea and calls the annexation of the Peninsula, “the result of a democratic vote that enshrines the right to self-determination of peoples.”

Together, these two deputies estimated the damage from restrictions for Europe in the $60-100 billion (not referring to any sources). At the same time, the United States, in their view, “to impose all the sanctions manage to increase the turnover”. Recall that as recently as yesterday on “Russia 24” stated that Norway after the introduction of food sanctions have lost a billion dollars due to the closure of the Russian fish market, while in reality, the country, on the contrary, in three years, increased its fish exports nearly $1.5 billion.

A round table to which “for the first time in Brussels spoke about the investment attractiveness of the Crimea”, was not reflected in foreign media. Short news about this event only exists on the website of the Italian Agency ANSA. There it is named “the discussion about the relations Russia — EU, organized by the Group United left-wing Europe.” In the last election, this faction got 52 seats out of 751 and is the fifth of the eight political groups in the European Parliament number of deputies. However, the article does not say if at least one representative of this faction’s participation in this meeting.

Interestingly, despite the participation in the event, the United left, he Aldo Carcaci is right-wing. Three years ago, he caused a scandal in Britain at the conference of the party UKIP, calling the influx of Muslim migrants to Europe as an “invasion”. Even UKIP, known for its right-wing views, was forced to disown these words, Recalling that Carcaci is not a member.

“The dialogue agreed to continue at the 4th international economic forum in Yalta in April this year. There are waiting for delegations from 60 countries, last time managed to sign contracts for 100 billion rubles”, — optimistically sum up the authors of the plot, forgetting to say that last year the Yalta forum was attended by just two members of the European Parliament.


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