The errors of the architects that caused the disasters. Photo


These mistakes cost too much.

We offer our readers at least briefly distracted from domestic problems (which we all know). Here you will find a selection of the most catastrophic collapses of various architectural structures over the last century occurred outside of our country.

Cinema “Knickerbocker,” Washington, January 28, 1922

The roof of the building, which was only five years old, suddenly collapsed on January 28, 1922 under the weight of snow. The fact that two days before the tragedy raged a snow storm and roof were covered with an unusually thick layer of snow. At the moment of collapse was the evening session, the theater was full. 98 people died and 133 were seriously injured.

Bridge Yarmouth, great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England 2 may 1845

2 may 1845 suspension bridge Yarmouth collapsed, unable to bear the weight of several hundred children and their parents who gathered to watch floating down the river clown. The clown sitting in the barrel, and the barrel pulled goose. The weight of people shifted when the barrel floated under the bridge. The people have dramatically over to the other side, chain on the South side are broken and the platform of the bridge is turned over.

Factory “the Pemberton mill”, Lawrence, Massachusetts, January 10, 1860

This five-story building was only seven years old when it suddenly staggered and collapsed.

145 people were killed, 166 were injured. As it turned out, used in the construction of cheap steel columns that could not withstand the weight of many heavy machines that were installed on the upper floors.

Dam South Fork lake Conemaugh, Pennsylvania, 31 may 1889

After breaking the old dam South Fork, which has long been in need of renovation, 20 million tons of water rushed to the city of Johnstown, sweeping away everything in its path. The flood killed 2209 people.

Incidentally, the previous owner of the dam removed and sold the three cast iron discharge pipes that allowed them to produce adjustable water discharge.

Bridge Quebec city, Canada

The longest cantilever bridge in the world (987 metres) collapsed twice: August 29, 1907 and September 11, 1916.

Four years after the start of construction of the Central section of the southern part of the bridge collapsed in about 15 minutes. During this accident 75 people were killed, 11 were injured.

Nine years later, after the center section was rebuilt, it fell into the water, killing another 13 people.

Tower Ronan Point, London, England, may 16, 1968

New 22-storey tower in East London (completed March 11, 1968) partially collapsed after a gas explosion, resulting in one load-bearing wall was completely destroyed. 4 people died and 17 were injured.

John Hancock Tower, Massachusetts

The use of blue reflective glass for building this tower was not the best solution. The glass could not withstand the load, there were cracks under the pressure of the wind window crumbled on the pavement. As a result, when the wind is strong, the police had to block the approaches to the building. Five years after 1973, the tower was finished, each of the Windows of the building (there are 10 344) was replaced.

Teton dam, Idaho, 5 June 1976

Breakthrough of the dam on the Teton river in Idaho occurred due to construction error. 11 people were killed, 13 thousand were injured.

Sampoong Department store, Seoul, South Korea, June 29, 1995

Before the attack of 9/11 that the collapse was considered the most catastrophic. 502 people died and 937 were injured.

A building collapse Viale Giotto in the province of Foggia , Italy, November 11, 1999

Six-storey residential complex was razed to the ground for fifteen minutes. In the building lived 71 people, and only four of them survived. The reason of tragedy became cheaper building materials and the mistakes of the builders.

A wedding hall, Jerusalem, Israel, may 24, 2001

23 people died and 380 were injured due to the fact that the designers at the last minute made some changes and did not calculate load — such as a crowd of dancing guests, for example.

Complex Lotus, Shanghai, China, 2009

One of the eleven 13-storey buildings fell 27 Jun 2009

A building collapse in Savar, Bangladesh, April 24, 2013

The eight-storied building called Rana Plaza, which housed a Bank, several shops and offices, was closed when the walls went crack. Evacuation began. The point when collapsed, the upper floors remained working sewing workshops. As a result of this disaster killed 1127 people.


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