The economy is growing, pockets are empty


Our main goal is further growth of welfare of citizens of the USSR. This is a priority of the Soviet state. Quite another thing in the capitalist state. At the meeting in China, Putin said on Russia’s economic growth.

“We are entering the recovery in economic growth. They are not like in India or China, but still after the recession we see and measure our economic growth by more than 2 percent,” he said.

Putin also noted the record low for Russia the rate of inflation is 3.5%. According to him, the year-end figure is expected to reach 3.7% to 3.8%.

Echoed by the President and Rosstat, marking a record for modern Russia deflation. Deflation in Russia in August 2017 0.5%, according to the materials of the Department. The August deflation was a record in modern Russian history. Until now the maximum was to reduce consumer prices for August 2003 (0.4%).

In annual terms inflation amounted to 3.3% after 3.9% in July.

In this place will stop and say this: comrades, ladies and gentlemen pensioners, indexation of your pension in the following year amount to these measly 3-4 percent.

We should not be complacent and working for the citizens of Russia.

According to Rosstat, Russia’s GDP in the second quarter increased by 2.5% and in the first half of the year growth amounted to 1.5%. During the same period the real incomes of Russians fell by 1.4%.

The decline in real income in Russia is observed for the fourth consecutive year. In 2014, the index fell 0.7% in 2015 and 3.2% in 2016 — 5.9%.

That’s right the economy is growing, and to live becomes better and live becomes more fun.

                                                           Экономика растёт, карманы пустеют © Official website of the Russian President Putin announced the resumption of growth of the Russian GDP

  Экономика растёт, карманы пустеют


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