The earth is approaching another large asteroid


К земле приближается еще один крупный астероид Scientists estimate that the planet faces a collision with this object.

NASA experts said that November 25 at midnight (00:14) to our planet will approach an asteroid the size of London’s big Ben. The distance between the body and the Earth will be 5.8 million km.

Object codenamed WB105 has a diameter 53-120 meters. The body width is equal to 123 meters, which is almost 1.3 times more than the statue of Liberty. The removal is at the speed of 18.88 km/s.

Asteroids fall to the ground several times in a century. Many burn up in the atmosphere, but not all. Those that reach the earth’s surface, causing significant damage. To recall the Chelyabinsk meteorite with a diameter of 20 meters. Body larger can easily be wiped off the face of the earth the whole city. Moreover, in some cases falling space objects and provoke a deadly tsunami.

Fortunately, WB105 is not dangerous for humans, as it will fly by our planet at a distance. 5.8 million km is like 15 lunar distances. To the observed asteroid scientists learn to identify dangerous and safe body.


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