The Earth is approaching a rare comet


К Земле приближается редкая кометаSome can already be seen in mid-December.

Soon Virtanen rare comet will approach the Earth. Flies “beauty” to us from the Oort cloud, very close to the Earth the comet Virtanen will be in mid-December.

It is known that this comet was discovered in 1948 by Carl Virtanen, American astronomer of Finnish origin. 46P/Virtanen belongs to the family of Jupiter, and orbits the Sun with a periodicity of 5.4 years. Diameter of a celestial body is only 1.2 km away and the tail is long and bright.

16 December, she flies to Earth, it is closest at a distance of 12 km and after, will be visible in the constellation of the Pleiades. Besides, its arrival will coincide with the meteor shower Geminids, peaking on December 14.

So the inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere will be able to observe a bright comet just to the naked eye. Brighter she glows in the first quarter of the moon is +4m magnitude.

It is also known that during December the comet will be in the constellation of the whale, Lynx, Eridanus, Taurus, and Auriga. Owned by December 23 – will Shine next to the star Capella. The last brightest star in the constellation Auriga.


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