The Earth is approaching a huge asteroid


К Земле приближается огромный астероидIn October, an asteroid the size of a house will pass close to our planet.

It is reported that huge space boulder will fly at a distance of 44 thousand kilometers from the Earth and crosses the orbit of the moon.

It is noted that the asteroid was spotted by staff of the European southern Observatory using the “very large telescope” in Chile. As reported in the Agency’s statement, the asteroid with the Earth will face. In their opinion, is the most important thing you should know.

“It will be damn close. At a distance of 36 thousand kilometers are some of our satellites, so in a little while we will face. But it will fly past so that you can sleep peacefully,” said Rolf Densing (Rolf Dancing) from the European space operations center.

For the first time this asteroid, called TC4, is flying above the Earth in October 2012 when he was twice. Estimates of its size range from 15 to 30 meters in length. Even then, scientists were expecting a new visit space, but did not expect such “close contact”.


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