The earth cools: scientists have warned about the cold winter


Земля остывает: ученые предупредили о холодной зимеThe earth is cooling down, winter is very cold: NASA has published disappointing forecasts.

In connection with the change of the solar cycle processes on the sun has stopped, because of this, the Earth will receive less heat in the coming months.

This winter will be one of the most severe in decades. In front of everyone waiting for the record low temperature.

Now our planet is slowly cooling down. About said that Martin Mlynczak, expert from the research center Nancy Langley.

According to him, very soon the atmosphere could be the coldest in the history of mankind.

Data were obtained from the unit of “Cyber”, which was launched by NASA for the analysis of the concentration of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides at a height of three hundred kilometers. In the process of analyzing the infrared radiation device is able to determine the thermal state of the gas in the most extreme point of the air shell of the planet.

Every 11 years the Sun shifts to an absolute minimum, the thermosphere to the completion of this phase always incredibly cold. Complete cooling can be observed after a few months.


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