The Duma has legitimized the right of the banks to block cards on suspicion of embezzlement


Дума узаконила право банков блокировать карты при подозрении на хищение средств

The Russian state Duma adopted in the third reading a law that allows banks to block transactions and Bank customer cards in case of suspicion of embezzlement of funds from them. The document published on the website of the lower chamber.

“Operator transfer of funds in identifying operations corresponding to signs of the transfer of funds without the client’s consent, is obliged to implement the deduction of funds from a customer’s Bank account for a period not exceeding two working days to suspend the execution of the operation corresponding to the indication of transfer of funds without the client’s consent,” reads the document.

The Bank also should will suspend the customer’s use of electronic means of payment in case of detection of operations with signs of transfer of funds without the client’s consent.

Mentioned symptoms will establish and publish on its website the Bank of Russia. A credit institution will also establish the procedure for identification of operations with signs inconsistent with a customer to transfer money. This will be explored in nature, the parameters and scope of client operations.

It is reported that the Bank, after the lock operation will notify the customer and recommend ways of reducing the risk of re-investment. To request confirmation of the resumption of operations at the client the Bank shall immediately


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