The Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex have launched a joint project


In the UK, will operate round-the-clock hotline to provide psychological help to people

Though there are rumors that the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, to put it mildly, have a strained relationship, yet they deny all the gossip of the joint outputs, and even projects.

While Meghan Markle resting after delivery with a newborn son, whose name was announced just recently became aware of the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is joining forces with Prince William and Kate Middleton, to launch a joint initiative called Shout.

In the UK, according to the announcement, will operate round-the-clock hotline to provide psychological help to people. Thus representatives of the Royal family are committed for almost the first time to create the initiative, which will address the psychology and emotional health of the British. In the presentation of princes William and Harry explained how to act Shout. According to them, it will be a text communication volunteers with people who are experiencing stress. Representatives will be able to provide emergency psychological assistance to the British and, if necessary, send them to certified specialists.

“This toll-free telephone line for text messaging is private, quiet and reliable way for those who are experiencing problems with mental health to find a safe space to receive assistance and support,” said Prince Harry.

Prince William added: “hotline operates around the clock and seven days a week. It directs people to volunteers who help at a time when it is most needed. It helps to go from crisis to calm and to find a more long-term support.”


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