The driver is unusually “zatrollit” the quality of your BMW


Водитель необычно "затроллил" качество своего BMWGerman quality is not the same.

The high cost of the car does not mean that the quality is equally high. A confirmation of this unusual sedan BMW 7 Series, which goes in Tallinn.

Estonian decided to buy a BMW 7, and chose the 4.4-liter 450-HP version for 122 700 euros. However, the machine was not very successful and constantly broke. In the end even the cautious Estonians lost their nerve and he painted all the breakage right at the door of the car.

So, at 18 thousand miles broke the ventilated driver’s seat, 20 thousand miles had to repair the hatch. Then failed turbine cooling, thermostat, electric driver’s seat, ionizer salon (twice), digital clean-up. 45 thousand km I had to change the engine, 50 thousand – on the wheel and 54 thousand km – air suspension compressor. In addition, the constantly “fail” the various sensors and felt a strange vibration.

In addition, the BMW 7 there’s a message to the manufacturer: “Under the hood needs to be 450 HP, but in reality there is one force, and that hardly works”.

Водитель необычно "затроллил" качество своего BMW


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