The DPRK is preparing the launch of new missiles


КНДР готовит запуск новых ракетStart can make in the next 48 hours – Thursday or Friday.

In the next two days, the DPRK may carry out a new missile launch after threats to the US.

This is with reference to the three persons in the military leadership of the United States according to NBC News.

According to the newspaper, on the territory of the DPRK has recorded the movement of mobile missile launchers and the preparation of the starting positions for missiles.

Start can make in the next 48 hours – on Thursday or Friday, 14-15 September, sure the us military.

By the way, on the eve of North Korea threatened the US “the greatest suffering in the history of America,” in the case of the tightening of UN sanctions. Subsequently, on 12 September, the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that tightens sanctions against North Korea.


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