The DPRK accused the US of “extortionate demands”


КНДР обвинил США в "грабительских требованиях"

Hypocritical farce the interest of the US government in ensuring the security of the Korean Peninsula is divided on the opinion of the representatives of the DPRK that the Americans, once again deftly try “uniform of the world policeman” during the official negotiations are very unrestrained and brazen.

7 July 2018, the DPRK foreign Ministry noted that the us side is trying to exert pressure on Pyongyang and expressed “extremely one-sided and extortionate demands” regarding the denuclearization of North Korea in particular and of the entire Peninsula as a whole.

Participated in the meeting U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo after some time said on his official page in social network Twitter that the talks were conducted in a positive manner, and expressed gratitude for “the work of the team”, not informed about the results of the agreements reached.

However, the DPRK foreign Ministry was more accurate and commented on the meeting as follows: “Americans Express only one-sided comments, talking about the implementation of the principles of total denuclearization and regular reporting. USA pigeonholed addressing fundamental issues in the construction of peace on the Korean Peninsula.

In Pyongyang believe that Washington is deliberately trying “to put away” the process of negotiations as it continues to insist on the irrational requirements and enhances distrust of the agreements between the DPRK and the United States. The North Korean authorities say that the dialogue with the Russian Federation for them is more preferable as the main geopolitical partner able to communicate not only with representatives of the two Koreas but also Japan, China and America.

In fact, the political hegemony in the East – a pipe dream of Washington in General and Donald trump in particular, decided to change the mask of aggression on the mask of friendship to achieve their goals in Korea. Cheat careful Pyongyang failed: pomposity, the United States reiterated the country a policy of rapprochement with the Russian Federation, which in the medium term will set the new dimensions of security of the inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula without regard for “overseas invaders”.


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