The doctors told why cracked lips and how to avoid it


Врачи рассказали, почему трескаются губы и как этого избежатьChapped lips can also indicate certain diseases

Unpleasant and sometimes even painful sensations arise, when dry and delicate skin on the lips.

And facial appearance is far from ideal beauty: cracks, peeling, skin patches, faded color. Those lips even makeup will not disguise and will only exacerbate the problem. Find out in our article the reasons, which can dry out lips and also tips on how to overcome the discomfort.

What to do if dry lips I have been chapping
If you’ve noticed a bad habit of licking or biting the lips, be prepared for unpleasant consequences – chapping and dryness. Hence the conclusion: as soon as possible get rid of this manner, and the lips apply a chapstick to quickly leave the feeling of dryness.

What to do if dry lips: they need protection
The temperature difference adversely affects the lips. Walking in the cold or putting the person in the hot rays of the sun, don’t forget about the mandatory protection for the body, including lips. It offers a variety of cosmetic products to care and protect this delicate part of the face – from all sorts of balms, of lipsticks and glosses to the ordinary vaseline.

What to do if dry lips are: proper nutrition
Often cause problems with the skin of the lips is an unbalanced diet, an Allergy to certain foods, prednisone in culinary preferences. Consider what you ate that could cause dryness of the lips, the appearance of cracks and peeling. And while your lips did not dare, refuse too spicy, peppery, salty and sour foods to reduce the risk of irritation.

What to do if dry lips: drinking regime
Lack of fluid in the body, by the way, primarily affects the appearance of the lips. Drink water daily, about 1.5 liters.

What to do if dry lips: diagnosis
Dry and chapped lips can also indicate certain diseases: seborrhea, diabetes, problems with the thyroid gland, the digestive tract, vitamin deficiency and others. In this case, to alleviate the condition of the lips is possible by means of moisture, but the cause will have to look for together with your doctor.


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