The doctors told me what time of day blood pressure medication more effective


Врачи рассказали, в какое время суток лекарства от давления эффективнееFor blood pressure medicine there is a “Golden” time.

Spanish scientists have stated that the medication from the blood pressure most effective before bedtime.

Now the canadian experts also will conduct a study to determine the “Golden” time of the medication.

The group of scientific experts at the University of Alberta under Dr. Scott Harrison will explore this question for example, more than 8 thousand patients. The scientists noted that the document time consumption of of blood pressure medicine is likely to contribute to significant improvement in health indicators total population in the world.

Previous work of the Spanish doctors have demonstrated the advantage of receiving necessary medicines night or before bedtime. The researchers then stated that: adherence to this principle reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and death for patients 61%.

At this time, the project Manager stated that knowledge of the patient he needs time to receive blood pressure medication can protect it from the unpleasant and severe consequences.


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