The doctors told me what not to do with hypertension


A lot of rumors going around such diseases as hypertension, however, all myths are without any scientific justification, said the doctor.

Myth 1 — you can do it without medicines, if the pressure is increased slightly. The increased blood pressure is unpredictable and depends on many factors. For security purposes, medication is better to take, according to the with reference on Voice.

You need to start to panic at the parameters of blood pressure from 170 mm Hg.St. The doctor notes that there is no need to despair, call the ambulance and start to bring down the pressure in all unimaginable ways, if you feel more bearable. Everything points to the fact that the treating doctor should review the treatment method and drugs.

People in the age of pressure can not be down. A dangerous myth, because the pressure above 139 mm is not the norm. The therapist must choose the treatment that will be most effective. Because hypertension is particularly dangerous for the elderly.

Don’t get used to tablets is a blatant misconception. People who have problems with blood pressure, unfortunately, refuse to change their lifestyle and habits. While cardiologists warn that if this way of life your blood pressure is high, but you do not feel discomfort, will not save it from a stroke or heart attack.

Denial of the disease. Doctors recommend to regularly measure blood pressure, because many patients in the form of neglect, as before, denied the very problem with hypertension.

Earlier it was named relish that reduce blood pressure.


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