The doctors told me how I “clean” the stomach and hips for a month


Медики подсказали, как "убрать" живот и бока за месяцBest exercise for weight loss at home.

People begin to lose weight at home, often do not know what physical activity to do.

After all, what can you do at home? And in fact, you can do a simple set of 6 exercises and lose weight with great results.

1. Squats

Exercise helps to burn fat in the legs and gluteal muscles. Squatting is important not to tear the heel off the floor and keep your posture straight. Squat to 90 degree angle, pausing 2-3 seconds at the bottom point of the amplitude.

2. Attacks

Exercise is working the thigh and calf muscles. When performing lunges, the body spends many calories. But, in fact, included in the work all muscle groups. Exercise can be performed with dumbbells and free weights. Doing lunges, keep your posture straight to achieve this look straight ahead or slightly higher.

3. Pushups

Push-UPS impact your upper body, helping to burn fat on arms and chest. Do pushups with a medium setting of the hands, the body keep straight. Exercise as low as possible, feeling the working muscle groups.

4. Strap

Static exercise that burns a lot of energy. Get in position for push-UPS, freeze in that position, holding the bar as much as you can. It is important to increase the time of retention straps with each subsequent workout.

5. Twisting

Exercise helps to burn fat in the abdomen and make the waist already. Lying on the floor twist the body, feeling the muscles press. Perform each exercise slowly, with a delay the upper point of the amplitude.

6. Jumping

Exercise similar to squats, but you must not sit down, and sharply with a sitting position jump. Exercise is extremely helpful for losing weight people, because burned maximum calories.

Using this set of exercises for weight loss at home, the result will surprise you. Also do not forget about proper nutrition and recovery, because you need to lose weight in complex.


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