The doctors told how to strengthen nails


How to care for nails.

Today, doctors share people’s secrets about how to strengthen the nail plate at home, writes the with reference on Voice.

Of course, strengthening nails is one of the most important components of nail care and beautiful, strong nails — the dream of every woman.

In this era of cool technologies on the nail every girl still wants to have their own strong, elastic and pink nogotochki. However, improper handling of household detergents for washing and cleaning are the first to suffer the nails, they tend to delaminate, become brittle and brittle. Therefore, the strengthening of the nail plate becomes the No. 1 goal for each of us.

So, at home good strengthen nails special packs, containing 70 grams of water, 5 grams of alum (this is the powder used in medicine and cosmetology), 25 grams of glycerol.

It is also useful virgin olive oil, to which is added a few drops of lemon juice numerous vitamins are very valuable for strengthening nails. The oil can be applied 1-2 times a week on the nails, wear cotton gloves and leave overnight.

To strengthen the nails also helps regular massage nails. He gives them strength and elasticity. Massage the cuticle area produce a very soft brush, pre-soaped glycerine or baby soap. Thus there is a light exfoliation that frees the cuticle of dead skin flakes and prevents the formation of unaesthetic cracks. Massage is particularly useful in combination with baths with sea salt, which contains a lot of minerals and iodine with a perfect ratio. Doing it three times a week. For the massage, sea or ocean salt without armadamusic. Dissolve in warm water a teaspoon of salt and put your hands in the solution for 20 minutes. The procedure is repeated 10 consecutive days. A month later, it is possible to repeat. For the prevention enough to do a salt bath once a week. Attention: never make bath with baking soda — they soften the nails.


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