The doctors told him what the product significantly reduces the feeling of hunger


These findings are rather unexpected.

Experts recommend to add to your diet dark chocolate. According to them, all because of the high cocoa content in its composition, which reaches 70%, according to the with reference to Hyser.

It is this chocolate is used as an alternative remedy to reduce appetite and weight loss, says American neuroscientist will Clower.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Cloner a great expert in this matter, because he is the author of numerous books on weight loss. So, according to him, eating chocolate helps to aggravate people a sense of satiety, resulting in less overlap on other food throughout the day. As a result, it is possible to lose weight.

To prove this fact, an experiment was conducted, which involved 1000 volunteers. In the course of work on the study has found that chocolate can increase the saturation threshold by almost half. The main thing to observe a couple of nuances — there are 20 minutes lo lunch and dinner, and 5 minutes after each trapeze. The permissible rate should be the size of your thumb, not more.

It is important to pay attention when choosing chocolate for its content, in particular talking about cocoa. It should be above 70%.

In addition the chocolate has properties to stabilize the level of blood sugar, elevate mood, and most importantly it protects from sunburn and prevents the development of cancer.


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