The doctors suggested, when fruits and berries should be abandoned


Despite the many useful properties of fruits and berries, their use is associated with a rather large list of contraindications, reported by a gastroenterologist Victoria Sujanova, reports the with reference on healthinfo.

Watermelons and melons. According to him, these gourds tend to accumulate in themselves harmful substances used in their cultivation, because it is better not to give them to young children.

In addition, melons and watermelons can’t eat after eating, it could lead to fermentation and indigestion. It is strongly recommended not to drink after them the raw water.

Drain. It should be abandoned at high acidity of gastric juice.

Apricots and peaches. Victoria Sujanova noted that these fruits are dangerous to drink on an empty stomach people suffering from gastric ulcer and gastritis.

Black currant. With increased blood clotting its use under the ban.

Grapes. A gastroenterologist claims to afford to feast on grapes can only perfectly healthy people, and in the presence of any chronic disease to eat grapes only after consulting your doctor.

“People suffering from peptic ulcer of the stomach, intestines, kidney and urinary tract grapes is better not to use, in a pinch, if you really really want, peeled. Also grapes, and bananas, is worth less to eating for those who want to lose weight,” advised the doctor.

Chokeberry. It is better to refuse under reduced pressure.

A sweet fruit. The doctor reminded that their use may cause exacerbation of atopic dermatitis and eczema. With the appearance of their symptoms with such fruits need to “engage”.

“Melons, apricots and orange juice is prohibited during exacerbation of peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum” — warned the expert.


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