The doctors suggested what foods good to eat on an empty stomach


Медики подсказали, какие продукты полезно есть натощакSix products that are useful on an empty stomach.

Not all foods can be consumed on an empty stomach – it is important that the food did not enhance the acidity of the stomach nor injure the mucous membranes.

What foods you can eat without fear.

In particular, experts in the field of healthy nutrition recommend to consume on an empty stomach nuts. This product has balanced composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also contains healthy fatty acids that improve cardiovascular system, and brain function. In addition, nuts eaten on an empty stomach normalizes the acidity of gastric juice.

Also can and should have on an empty stomach buckwheat. Buckwheat is easily digested by the human body and has properties “equalize” the pressure, calm the nervous system and gently stimulate the digestive system.

Another useful when used on an empty stomach product is unleavened bread. Its use awakens the digestive system and normalizes its work. In addition, bread is a rich source of carbohydrates which provide the body with energy needed to carry out physiological processes. Morning is the perfect time for carbohydrates.

A great option for food on an empty stomach – oatmeal. Oatmeal has a high content of proteins, which regenerate tissues and cells. Oatmeal acts on the stomach like a medicine: coats the mucosa and protects it from exposure to acids. In addition, oats has anti-cancer effects.

Eggs (not fried) is also useful to drink on an empty stomach. This product is well absorbed by the body. It is also proven that people who eat Breakfast eggs, eat less calories during the day.

Med. A spoon of honey eaten on an empty stomach is, in fact, a natural “Energizer” for the body. Eaten so honey stimulates brain activity and helps produce the hormone of joy – serotonin.


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