The doctors suggested how to lose weight and build muscle at the same time


Медики подсказали, как похудеть и укрепить мышцы одновременноStrap effective for weight loss

If you want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time (which will give a beautiful relief as the models of Victoria’s Secret), some cardio exercises are not enough. You need to do endurance exercise, which will not only make you physically stronger, but will burn calories even after you finish training. The best exercise for this bracket.

Bar for weight loss really effective, though a lot of calories in a standard exercise, you will not burn. However, you will strengthen the muscles due to what you lose in volume, but not weight. This means that you will become leaner and stronger. But you can also perform other dynamic types of straps that will help to burn more calories and also letting you know to pump a certain muscle group.

To test your endurance, the American physiotherapist bill Hartman proposes to test it by running the bar. Try to survive in a standard plank on straight arms 120 seconds. It – you’re done. It did not, then you have either excess weight or weak muscles, that in any case bad for the body.

How to perform the plank exercise for weight loss

The classic plank is performed on straight arms or elbows, this exercise is static, so no movement do not have to. Nevertheless, the exercise is really challenging – you feel fatigue in the first minute. To execute bar you need:

The bar on straight arms do hold the shoulders, hips and ankles in one line. Thus, you keep the abdominal muscles, lower back and thighs tense. This will help to develop endurance and strengthen the core muscles, the purpose of which is to keep your back straight.

Feet put together to make the exercise even harder – this will make it easier to pump the abdominal muscles. The feet also hold it in tension, not bending the knees.

In order not to create unnecessary load on the shoulders, put his hands clearly strictly under the shoulder joints and do not strain the neck. This will help to stand longer in the strap.

Pull the belly to the ribs, straining the press – this will prevent the load transfer from the core muscles on the shoulders and scapula.

How to extend the time you can stand in the bar
Practice: do exercise several times a day, trying to hold the position a little longer each time.

Use bodyweight exercises: push-UPS and pull-UPS will improve the strength and tone core muscles that help to hold the bar much longer than the standard 120 seconds.

Squats: girls who are strong in this specific exercise, stand in the bar to 5 minutes without any problems.

If the static strap you don’t like, there are several types of straps for slimming which files work different muscle groups.

Spending just 10 minutes a day on these kinds of planks, you can quickly build muscle and lose weight. You will receive a beautiful embossed body, which is now committed every second girl.


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