The doctors spoke about the beneficial properties of black tea


Many are fans of black tea, but not everyone knows about its beneficial properties.

Incidentally, he has a lot of them. At least seven benefits of this drink we call the article, according to the with reference to health info.

Oral health

One study showed that black tea, contrary to popular belief, can reduce the formation of plaque. In addition, the beverage is able to limit the growth of bacteria that are destructive effect. Black tea is also found polyphenols that kills and prevents the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay. Thus, black tea is very beneficial for the health of your oral cavity.

Heart health

Other scientists were able to discover the benefits of black tea on the heart. It turns out that people who drink three or more cups of beverage a day, 21% less likely to face a risk of stroke. Green tea is not so good for heart health.

Blocking DNA damage

As we have said, in black tea have polyphenols. They are antioxidants that can help block DNA damage associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other toxic chemicals. A large number of them also have in fruits and vegetables, so they often recommend to include in the diet as much as possible.

Cancer prevention

The advantage of black tea lies in the fact that it can prevent the development of cancer. The reason is the antioxidants polyphenol and catechins, which are in black tea. For example, it is known that due to the black tea fewer women faced with ovarian cancer.

Bone health

Scientists suggest that black tea can make bones stronger. Those who drink this drink has stronger bones and lower probability of developing arthritis. The secret of such advantages lies in the phytochemicals that are in tea.

Reducing the risk of developing diabetes

Older people are less likely to suffer from diabetes, if you drink black tea. To such conclusion the researchers who carried out scientific work on Mediterranean Islands. You should drink 1-2 cups of black tea a day, which will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 70%.

Getting rid of stress

Finally, black tea is beneficial to the nervous system. It has calming and relaxing properties, relieving tension and helping to find peace. Moderate amounts of black tea will bring huge benefits to the body, including relieving stress, strengthen the immune system.


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