The doctors said that you need to eat to get rid of toxins


Медики рассказали, что нужно есть, чтобы избавиться от шлаковMany products are very useful by themselves.

As a result of improper food combining in the body, they become dangerous substances.

Experts has compiled a list of products that cleansing this organ and the whole body of toxins.

*Thanks to the artichoke can improve liver function. It will increase the production of bile, which will enable food to be broken down better.

*Apples are very high in nutrients. One of them is a flavonoid phlorizin — stimulates the production of bile. In addition, apples have pectin and soluble fiber that is removed from organismic metals and harmful substances.

*Basil contains antioxidants to protect the liver. It contained terpenoids to help with problems with digestion and detoxification of the body.

*The red beet is a unique blend of minerals and phytochemical compounds, due to which, the vegetable has gained a reputation as an excellent blood purifier and a “cleanser” for the liver.

*Broccoli along with the liver enzymes will turn toxins into substances that can easily be deduced from the body.

*The garlic has lots of sulfur and this makes it a great product for detoxification of the body.


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