The doctors said that means the desire to eat salty, sweet or bitter


Медики рассказали, что означает желание есть соленое, сладкое или горькоеWhat’s missing from the body.

Scientists say that organism in which everything is in order, will not be want something special or unusual. If you have a strong desire for salty, sweet or bitter food, this may be due to the deficit of certain substances in the body.

Drawn to sweet. This desire, according to doctors, may be a sign of high acidity, as well as mental or emotional stress. In the circumstances of the test overloads the body intensively consumes the sugar, and to replenish the glucose level begins to demand a new dose.

Pull on the bitter (sharp). Experts note that the desire to eat bitter food can attest to the fact that the body of accumulated harmful toxic substances. Also craving for food with a bitter taste signals about problems with digestion. Another reason that provokes the desire to eat something sharp, there may be problems with the thyroid gland (in particular, with its reduced function).

Craving for pickles. The sudden need for salty foods occurs under stress: because of the nervous feelings and fatigue especially the body needs natural minerals and salts. In addition, the desire to eat salty foods may indicate that the body has an infection (especially in the genitourinary system).

Drawn on acid. A sour and pickled foods are natural probiotics that the body is lacking in the case of diseases of the digestive tract, Allergy, nutritional deficiency, constipation.

Pull on fat. If all the time you want something bold, you might suspect a deficiency in the body of substances such as calcium and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). Such a desire can occur at elevated physical exercise, and some diseases, e.g., obesity, illness Itsenko-Kushinga.


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